Cash For Clunkers Bill | Insult and Injury to Obamacare?

We await the Senate vote on Cash For Clunkers

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Sen. McCain has already made it known that he didn’t approve of the original $1 billion allotted for the Cash For Clunkers bill, so he definitely doesn’t approve of funneling $2 billion more into it. He will do all he can short of a filibuster (the GOP can’t pull that off since the Democrats have a super majority) to stop the additional funding. Good luck, John. By running out of money so quickly, it could be argued that Cash For Clunkers has been an overwhelming success. That is, the Obama administration got what they wanted in less than two weeks, when they had allotted several months to get thousands of gas-guzzling cars off the road. Now, if I can convince you to try no fax payday loans and short term loans when your budget needs a bridge to payday – and do it in that little time – this little venture here would be equally successful.

The auto industry definitely needed a boost

And cornerstones of the American economy (like Ford Motors) got it in July, largely thanks to the Cash For Clunkers bill. I don’t care how long it took Cash For Clunkers to achieve it’s goal… it was successful. And I now believe that it shouldn’t be extended, because too many taxpayers will come to depend on such a program over time. I like the description that it was supposed to “prime the pump” for automotive industry sales, not become a permanent fixture. Whether people are going to truly be able to afford the Cash For Clunkers bill vehicles they’ve obtained is another matter.

But did Cash For Clunkers help the Obamacare movement?

And by Obamacare, know that I’m referring to the current effort to reform the healthcare system. Clearly, the amount of time and money that would be involved in making the Cash For Clunkers bill program a success was underestimated. That has led to scores of conservative commentators saying that if they miss the cost estimate on something like Cash For Clunkers, just imagine was the Obama administration will do with health care reform.

An interesting blog post by Robert George on the NBC Bay Area Web site points out the above alternative view of the Cash For Clunkers goings on. What if the costs for universal health care are being underestimated? We know that Americans were quick to lap up the Cash For Clunkers deal. If we’re talking taking care for oneself, would that be even more in demand? Request no fax payday loans and short term loans while you think about it.

Not so much

Americans show every day just how much they care about their vehicles versus their own bodies. Constant washing and maintenance, pushing their credit to the limit, all part of that love affair with the automobile. Yet the majority of people in this country don’t take proper care of themselves. Smoking, overeating, lack of exercise, damaging the environment and having it come back to them in a big way with a rise in skin cancer due to ozone holes… and that’s just the beginning.

But George spins this as fiscal irresponsibility. It’s a common argument against Obama’s health care plan, and the fact that Cash For Clunkers ran out of money as quickly as it did won’t help dispel that notion. $1 trillion over 10 years for Obamacare? Seems unlikely, but whatever the case, we must be willing to pay for the health of our population. Trim the fat from anywhere; I’d suggest obsolete defense contracts that are left on the books merely because they keep people close to Republican congressmen and women employed.

It won’t make Obama’s battle any easier

If Obamacare is going to make it as it needs to, Democrats are going to have to remain unified behind the notion that there will be areas to cut. There have to be, considering how many taxpayers we have. That money has to be going somewhere, and if we can cut out the pork projects, I’m sure there’s enough money to make universal healthcare a reality.

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