At Carnival Cruise Lines, business is booming

Carnival Cruise Lines is getting record-breaking business this year. From the beginning of 2010 to Feb. 21, bookings were the highest they’ve ever been. I have advice for people thinking of going on a cruise and speculations about the reason Carnival Cruise Lines is doing so well.

Carnival Cruise Lines announces rate increase

Carnival Cruise Line tickets are in such high demand, the company is doing what any free-market-thinking enterprise would do: raising prices. The Carnival Cruise Lines web site says “rates increase on all summer sailings” on March 22. It appears as though wannabe cruise-goers will have to wait until then to make their travel plans.

I was excited when I went to the Carnival Cruise Lines web site and saw price tags smaller than most faxless payday loans. Did you know you can go on a cruise for just a few hundred dollars? Unfortunately, the cruises at the current listed prices are all sold out, so don’t get your hopes up. Still, if you want to go on a cruise this summer, be sure to book as soon as possible. Carnival Cruise Lines has an Early Saver Program.

Carnival Cruise Line pricing

I was pretty surprised when I saw how much it costs to go on a voyage on Carnival Cruise Lines. On the home page at Carnival Cruise Lines’ web site, it says 3-day cruises start at $169! In the past I’ve always written off cruises as being just for rich people. However, some of the cruises are cheaper than plane tickets, which brings me to my next point.

Airlines versus cruise lines

Airline ticket prices, terrorist threats and stressful airports have no doubt contributed to the record bookings at Carnival Cruise Lines. People are finding out that some cruises are cheaper than flights. Add the fact that cruise ships are not common targets of terrorist bombings and subtract the lengthy, annoying process of going through airport security, and you’ve got yourself a dream vacation. You probably won’t even need a small personal loan to pull it off.

Some people don’t fly because of fear, and some don’t want to pay ridiculous baggage fees. The fact that Carnival Cruise Lines has drawn a record number of customers despite the recession shows the price is right — and for many the time and travel method are right, too. If you want to avoid airports and save some money, mark March 22 on your calendar to take advantage of Carnival Cruise Lines’ lowest available prices.