Camping Recipes | The basics of breakfast

Camping breakfast

Despite their popularity, pancakes have serious disadvantages as a camping breakfast. Image from Flickr.

Whether you’ve been camping for years or are using Memorial Day as an excuse for camping the first time, camp cooking can be one of the best — or worst — parts of the trip. With a little bit of planning and thought, camp cooking can be not only easy, but fun.

Strategy for camp cooking breakfast

Usually, a camp-cooking breakfast has a few criteria to make it awesome. First, it shouldn’t take much brain power. Second, it should be filling and incredibly tasty. Third, it should be something that is done all at once – things like pancakes leave people wanting more and waiting on the cook. The real secret to a good camp cooking breakfast – just like finding the best payday loans – is to make it in two stages. As soon as you get up for the morning, use a camp stove or a single-use burner to get hot water going. Use that hot water to make coffee, tea, hot cocoa – whatever your morning drink of choice is.

A breakfast scramble – camp cooking at its best

Once you’ve been fueled with warm drinks, you can get going on your real camp breakfast. A scramble is one of the best camp breakfasts, because it gives you a chance to use up all the ingredients you might have sitting in your cooler. First, dice up onions, potatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms – just about any vegetable you have sitting around – and bacon or sausage. If you would like, you can dice them all at home and just dump them into the pot while you’re still half-asleep. Cook them all in a pan until they’re done, then mix in eggs and cheese. Scramble until it’s all mixed together, throw some cheese on top, and breakfast is done. Great eaten hot, cold with condiments, or by itself. Instead of bacon or sausage, a scramble is also a great place to use that fish you may have caught the night before.

Gravy up your camp breakfast recipe

One of the quickest, easiest and most flexible camp breakfast recipes is gravy. It may sound simple, but give it a try. Start with bacon, sausage, or just about any other type of meat. Cook it in your pan, maybe with some butter or oil. Once it’s done, stir it up with some flour, then add milk or broth with pepper, salt, and spices. Let the gravy thicken and bubble on your stove or campfire while you cook up potatoes or toast. Or just throw pre-cooked rice directly into the gravy. If you want to get all fancy, pull out some dry baking-powder biscuits you made at home. Gravy on top of just about anything makes the perfect camp breakfast.