C Street House | Weeds Choking American Freedom (Pt. 2)

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Huh! Im gonna be a disciple. Huh! (Photo: earthhopenetwork.net)

Huh! I'm gonna be a disciple. Huh! (Photo: earthhopenetwork.net)

(Aka, we should have listened to Jefferson. CLICK HERE if you missed part one of this article)

Morality? No time. The Family says I’m going to Argentina on taxpayer bucks. Ta ta!

Yes, they reject the kind of morality that is the basis of a citizen’s trust in their elected officials. Instead of my attempt to explain it, enjoy this priceless stuff, courtesy of Sharlet’s observations. He went undercover inside The Family…

In the core of The Family, they actually reject the idea of morality for their members. They believe that morality is a secular construct, that morality is something made by man for little people like us, and that if you are part of God’s chosen, as we’ve been talking about – what The Family believes that they are the sort of New Chosen by God – morality, ethics, these things don’t get started to you. That doesn’t mean that they endorse adultery, it just means that they’re not paying attention as much to it. And then you combine that to a, frankly, fairly misogynist viewpoint. They subscribe to an idea of male headship. In some of their documents, Doug Coe, the leader of the group, was actually advising another member on what to do with his wife, who the member felt was demonically possessed, and Doug Coe said that’s quite possible. The symptoms, were, and there’s just no way to make this sound respectable, the symptoms were that the woman was complaining that she wasn’t sexually satisfied by her husband. That was, to them, a symptom of demonic possession. I mean, it sounds crazy and it would be silly, if it weren’t happening right in the middle of Washington with these men who are so powerful – who are congressmen and then lobbyists in this revolving door that seems to be facilitated by The Family.

Was Jenny Sanford demonically possessed? Was Maria Chapur Mark’s chance to avoid possession?

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Oh, this is deliciously disgusting. Disgusting because these people were voted into office by thinking, mouth-breathing folks. Delicious because the folly of mixing church and state is being exposed on a larger scale than ever before in this country. If one of the greatest forefathers of America (Thomas Jefferson) understood that there needed to be a “wall of separation” between church and state, perhaps more people who bomb abortion clinics in the name of a nation they claim was “founded” by Christianity will do their research.

Tiahrt: “Abort Obama, too many Moslem children, Hitler’s a nice guy”

Speaking of abortions… Sharlet says The Family is grooming Todd Tiahrt as “a disciple?” Wow.

Following up on the their previous interview, Rachel Maddow talked to Sharlet again, this time in greater detail about Tiahrt. See the interview below. Pay particular attention to the discussion of “Christ Plus None” and the idea of “the totalitarianism of Christ.” Then see how you feel about the following, in Sharlet’s words:

(Doug Coe) said to Tiahrt what you need to do is form a covenant with your brothers in Christ, like Ensign and Coburn and Sanford. He says when you do this, when you commit total loyalty to each other, and you vow to keep up each others secrets, you can accomplish much more. And he gave to Congressman Tiahrt examples of guys who had done this very well, he thought. Hitler, Pol Pot, Osama bin Laden, and Lenin, and it just makes your jaw drop that Congressman Tiahrt thought this was very wise advice.

Take back your country from religious fundamentalism before it’s too late.

If you need money to make signs, I hear personal loans and cheap loans are available. They aren’t something The Family can “moralize” away.

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