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Make your own ringtone at BongoTones

cell_phonesThere are plenty of free ringtone download sites cropping up out there, but only a couple of them are hailed as truly free, user-friendly and legit. is being hailed by users as all of these, plus it’s fast and versatile.

As far as I can tell from the time I’ve spent on BongoTones, there is only free content. Many sites that advertise as free download/upload ringtone sites have both free content and purchasable content. However, BongoTones doesn’t sell anything. Kind of like Personal Money Store, which directs you to payday lenders for fast loans, you can get connected to other sites where you can buy things, but you will never be asked to purchase anything offered directly through BongoTones. in two parts

BongoTones has two main functions. The site keeps things simple for users who just want to download and upload free ringtones. If you get an account and are interested in the more complex features, they are there, but even people who don’t have accounts can use the very simple download and upload features.

There are plenty of free ringtones available at BongoTones, and you can get them quickly and easily sent to any phone with an Internet connection. It only takes a few seconds after you find the free ringtone you want. Uploading songs is also super easy. If you can’t find the song you want for your ringtone, but you have an mp3 of it on your computer, you can upload it to, and the site will send your custom ringtone to your phone.

BongoTones can help you market your band

BongoTones capabilities let you send any mp3 file to your phone as a ringtone. That means you can use audio files from your favorite movie or TV show. More importantly, if you make your own music, and you’d like to turn that into a career, you can set your original music as your ringtone.

If you can get your friends to use your song as a ringtone, word of your music will begin to spread. You never know who could be listening when your friend’s phone goes off at that hot club or local concert. Ringtones are the newest way for musicians to get their music out there and reaching people’s ears.

More features at BongoTones

Besides free ringtones, BongoTones is known for its great customer service. It has gotten great reviews from users, and when you read the company’s description it’s easy to see why:

“We provide options to you from our easy-to-use display and quickly connect you to your desired content. Our search engine can find all kinds of content – from ringtones and wallpapers to games and videos. However, what really sets us apart from others is that we listen to you, our users. employees personally answer each and every email quickly and truthfully.”