Blackberry Bold 9780 gets release date and specs

Blackberry Bold

The Blackberry Bold is being updated to the Bold 9780. Image: Flickr / liewcf / CC-BY-SA

Canadian company Research in Motion has officially announced its newest phone: the Blackberry Bold 9780. The Bold 9780 is a software and hardware update to the Blackberry 9700. The look and feel of the new Blackberry, though, is almost unchanged.

Blackberry Bold 9780 specs

The specifications of the Blackberry Bold 9780 have many enthusiasts very excited. The phone supports worldwide 3G and Wi-Fi networks, including Wi-Fi calling. The five megapixel camera is a point-and-shoot stocked with features. The Bold 9780 also comes with the new Blackberry 6 operating system, which is reported to have a much more user-friendly interface. Integrated universal search and social networking are also built in.

Blackberry Bold 9780 to save RIM?

RIM has not had an easy year. Some governments have either banned Blackberry devices entirely or required the company to turn over their legendarily tight security. Blackberry devices are also quickly losing market share to Android-run devices. Blackberry devices were not originally intended for the casual consumer, but that market share has been keeping the company afloat. The hope is that the Blackberry Bold 9780 may either persuade some consumers to switch back or at least allow the company to retain the customers it has. Combined with the Blackberry tablet computer, Research in Motion hopes to stem the tide of customers defecting to Android and Apple devices.

When and where you can find the Blackberry Bold 9780

The Blackberry Bold 9780 will be available on multiple carriers in the next few weeks. T-Mobile has announced it will start offering it Nov. 12. Virgin Mobile and Bell Mobile will release the Blackberry Bold 9780 on Nov. 2. Rogers and TELUS have said they will release the phone “in November.” The cost of the device will range from $140 with contracts to about $500 without – steep enough to nearly require a no fax payday loan. Verizon wireless has not yet announced whether it will also be carrying the Bold 9780, though Verizon has a history of releasing phones later than other carriers.