Better Marriage Blanket toots a useful horn

Mixed beans

The musical fruit. Image from Wikimedia commons.

Let us endeavor to keep any jokes out of discussion of the Better Marriage Blanket.  (I can’t promise I’ll be successful.) The Better Marriage Blanket indeed has a useful purpose, which is to save the nostrils of either or both partners in a loving relationship from suffering during the night because of … let us say, digestive unease on the part of the other person.  Yes, I mean flatulence – the Better Marriage Blanket means to block it.  It would be worth a little quick cash, if one or the other has legitimate digestive problems.

Better Marriage Blanket absorbs odors

The Better Marriage Blanket, nicknamed the fart blanket, does not exactly use new technology. You can check out the website for it at, but it wasn’t working when I last looked. It uses activated charcoal as a filler material in the blanket, which blocks odors.  Activated charcoal, or rather, activated carbon, is a treated form of carbon that absorbs certain elements very well, and is used in air and water filtration.  NASA uses it in space suits to filter the air that an astronaut breathes.  It can certainly spare you or your partner (or both of you) from a scorched olfactory system in case someone devoured the enchilada combo platter.

Are you just pulling my finger? I mean leg!

The Better Marriage Blanket is for real. There have been other products that use the same approach, such as charcoal filtered underwear.  (I am not kidding.) One of the uses of activated carbon as an air filtration implement is that it is uniquely good at capturing nitrogen, which is one of the main components of flatulence or flatus as the medical community calls it.  Activated charcoal tablets are actually an old remedy for flatulence.

Silent but potentially deadly

On a serious note, excess flatulence can actually be part of a larger overall problem.  Digestive gas includes belching and – you guessed it, flatulence.  According to WebMD, excess gas, besides being socially embarrassing, and bloating due to excess gas can be signs of digestive problems, like acid reflux.  Often, the cause is dietary, such as a lactose intolerance or ingesting foods that are common causes, especially starches and carbohydrates.  However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for not avoiding the cheese topped re-fried beans.