Beaver Phillips | Profiting From Dating Fears of Men? (Pt. 2)

What do you want?

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Whatever your opinions are of what Beaver Phillips espouses, one thing that can’t be denied: he has the confidence necessary in any good salesman. That doesn’t necessarily mean that what he’s selling is snake oil, however. While I have not read the book, what I’ve been able to ascertain so far is that he suggests some tried and true communication methods – and as I’ve said, he’s also not deceptive. He steers relationship-starter conversation toward what he’s looking for. I’m reminded of Bill Clinton. I believe he once told an interviewer that the secret to getting to know and develop relationships with women is listening. Anyone will respond if the other person takes a genuine interest in them. Listening (as opposed to guiding or suggesting ways to fix things) is at the heart of this. A man who cares enough about the woman he’s with to listen well will inevitably make a good impression. If the woman is looking for the same thing and both parties cut out the pretenses, the odds are good that that will be the result.

Almost makes it sound easy

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But it isn’t. It takes time and dedication. Phillips puts it this way:

Guys, picking up a woman that you know nothing about is hard. Rejection is inevitable and that gets really old really fast. Enter a club or bar and chances are there will be women in there. No matter how good you might become at “picking up chicks” in bars ultimately what do you know about who you are picking up? Nothing! Going out to bars should be reserved for hanging out with friends, grabbing some drinks, and watching the game. Forget about subjecting yourself to rejection from average chicks and bar flies. Life is too short and can be a lot more fun!

Fear of rejection kills opportunity

That is what holds most people back in life. Beaver Phillips knows this, too, which is why he suggests certain communication tools to streamline the process. It won’t work with all women, that’s for sure. But it is focused and targeted, while also being honest. Honing the approach, using humor and recognizing the signs that it’s time to move on are his stock in trade.

The book retails for $30. That’s more expensive than this kind of information should be, I believe. Common sense and being a good listener go a long way. There are no payday loans or cash advance for that kind of thing. Be confident in who you are without being conceited, work to be well-rounded, add dashes of humor to your conversation style and don’t be afraid. That’s a tall order for some, but it’s worth the work. Beaver Phillips would tell you the same, but he’d charge you $30 first.

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