Is Beaver Phillips’ “Copy, Paste & Bang” Believable? (Pt. 1)

DIY title makes it sound too easy


Everyone wants to meet that special someone. Sometimes, that someone is Mr. Right. Other times, that someone is Mr. Right Now. Substitute Ms. depending as suits your proclivities. Balancing your needs, desires and goals is the only true way for you to find out exactly what kind of a relationship is best for you. Whatever the answer, it definitely takes work (and money – payday loans or cash advance, anyone?)

Even then, it can be a daunting challenge. What would you think of someone who sums up his day’s work as follows: “I copy and paste E-mails to women on the Internet and I bang them.” Would you find it insensitive? Disgusting? Unbelievable? Admirable? That depends upon your perspective, standards and values. For Beaver Phillips, it’s a calling.

And he’s written a book about it

“Copy, Paste & Bang: A Man’s Guide To Meeting Women On the Internet and Having Sex With Them” is the title of the 37-year-old single guy’s book. It is billed as a “no fluff” guide to helping men achieve exactly what the title describes. Ignore the societal stigma for a moment and look at things from the perspective of having the greatest amount of safe, healthy fun in the shortest amount of time (the days we have to live). Then you’ll understand where Beaver Phillips is coming from, at least.

What kind of man does this? He has to be an alpha male, right? Not at all. Beaver Phillips describes himself as an “average guy” with “average looks, income and intelligence.” A guy who hangs with his buddies and appreciates everyday manly things, so to speak. A guy who knows how to find women and have sex with them.

He’s done the bar scene

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Phillips knows what he wants and he isn’t deceptive about it. In the disclaimer to his book, he tells readers looking for advice on how to build a long-term relationship that this isn’t the place to find it. There are certain principles that will work in that arena, but his purpose is to guide readers toward quick results. His opinion is that online dating sites are the way to go, over the traditional bar scene. That’s too expensive and the chance for rejection is much higher. Phillips feels that online dating is more focused and the pool of potential matches is much larger. Reading profiles, exchanging a few important E-mails, making telephone contact then arranging to meet is a path that’s easier to navigate – and once you get the hang of it, you learn not how to manipulate the opposite sex, but how to be honest with yourself, let loose and have fun. Phillips’ intent is to help you find like-minded individuals.

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