Montana Soda Butte campground site of bear attack

A bear attacked multiple people at a Montana campground. CC by Eathan/Picasa

When a female bear rampaged through Soda Butte Campground in Montana on Wednesday, a woman and a teen were injured, and one man was killed. The National Park Service has already launched an investigation into the attack. Camping in National Parks is usually very safe, but this attack proves that wild animals can be, at times, dangerous.

Soda Butte Campground bear attack

The Soda Butte Montana bear attack started at about 2 a.m. on Wednesday. One camper was killed, and two people were badly injured. Three separate campsites were attacked and rangers evacuated the campground relatively quickly after they found out about the attacks.

Unprovoked bear attack

Campers who are in bear country are usually warned to do everything they can to avoid bears. Unfortunately, it appears that the Montana bear attack was not specifically provoked. The National Park Service is still investigating. Rangers said they did not find any food or attractants outside bear boxes in the campsites where the attacks occur. The very busy campground may have made the bear feel she or her cubs were in danger.

Soda Butte Campground has had previous attacks

In the past, Soda Butte Campground has seen other bear attacks. The campground is about 10 acres large and lives about 10 miles outside Yellowstone National Park. One man was killed in 2008 during a grizzly bear attack. The bear that was involved in that attack was captured.

Keeping yourself safe from bears

There are a few, very simple things you can do to protect yourself from bears. First of all, make sure your food is kept in a bear-proof container, your car trunk, or hung up and out of reach. Keep any and all trash in wildlife resistant containers. Finally, you should sleep at least 300 feet away from your cooking areas.