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An Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer

Apple computer addicts can now get the iPad - the bridge between an iPhone and desktop. Image from Flickr.

The Apple iPad is being released to the world on April 3. The Apple iPad will be made available on the company web site, at Apple stores and at a few Best Buy stores across the nation. The Safari web browser lacks Flash support, but the Safari browser has most other basic features. The Apple iPad uses an operating system very similar to the iPhone, and has a 9.7 inch backlit LED display. If you’re using a payday cash loan to buy the iPad as soon as it comes out, or just curious, read up about the Apple iPad.

Specifications of the iPad

At half an inch thick, 9.56 inches high, and 7.47 inches wide, the Apple iPad is similar in size to the Amazon Kindle. The multi-touch screen uses a backlit LED display and a fingerprint resistant coating. The lithium/polymer battery will hold a charge for up to 10 hours and can be on standby for up to one month. The Apple iPad also offers WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G access, depending on the price.

Apple iPad Support at the ready

Of course, one of the most fun things about a new gadget is finding your way around. If you would like a hand with setting up your iPad, Apple is at the ready with workshops and set-up help. Best Buy stores will be offering limited support through the Apple Solutions Consultants. And iPad-trained consultants will also be available at Apple Technical Support – 1-800-275-2273.

Accessorizing your Apple iPad

If just buying the Apple iPad isn’t enough for you, you could buy dozens of accessories. A leather carrying and storage case that also functions as a “kickstand” is available from Apple. An iPad camera connection kit, power adapter, full-size dock keyboard and docking station. If you choose one of the more expensive iPads that has 3G coverage, you will also need to purchase a data plan from AT&T – they are available at $14.99 or $29.99 a month.

Adding Apple iPad Applications

The Apple iPad runs all iPhone Apps, and the iPad App store is pre-loaded with more than 150,000 apps ready for use on the Apple iPad. You can find Apps to turn your iPad into a debt management tool, a movie player, a gaming machine, or even an e-book reader. The Apple iPad App store can be accessed over 3G, WiFi, or wired internet access.

WePad competitor to the Apple iPad

If you want all of the functionality of the Apple iPad but don’t want to buy that slate computer, you do have other options. The WePad, designed in Germany, runs on the Google Android operating system. The WePad offers an 11.6 inch multi-touch display, as opposed to the iPad’s 9.7 inch. The WePad also supports Flash, which means web sites like Hulu and YouTube will load on the device, unlike the Apple iPad. The WePad also includes a webcam, multitasking support, a SIM card slot and a 1.66 GHz Intel processor. A full comparison is available on the WePad vs. iPad PDF at The WePad will be released in April in Germany and brought to the United States soon after.