Advanced techniques for increasing article marketing commissions

You can increase your affiliate commissions with these advanced article marketing techniques. Image: ThinkStock

Once you are comfortable writing commission articles and trend articles for the Personal Money Store Commission Writer Program, there are many things you can do to help increase your commission earning power. Some of these things are quick and simple, others are more involved and complex.

Getting your articles accepted more quickly

One of the easiest things you can do to get your articles accepted more quickly is to code in the HTML that our editors would have to otherwise add. If you know HTML, you will just need to use the <h2> and <h3> tags around your subheads and <a href=> tags for links. Submit your articles in plain text with the code written right in.
If you do not know HTML, though, you can use the blogging platform to write the code for you.

The platform will also write all of the code for the Creative Commons commercially licensed photos or illustrations that you need to include with your articles.

Remember, if you use, DO NOT publish the article. Save it only in draft form — Personal Money Store accepts only articles that have not previously been published anywhere else.

You can also add as an administrator on your account, which will allow our editors to get the article directly from your WordPress account.

Once you have received the confirmation from us that your article was published you are free to publish it on your site as well. It is advisable, though, to drastically change the text if you want your article to get traffic from search engines.

Promote your articles with social networking

If you are on social networks such as Facebook, Yahoo Buzz, Google Buzz, Twitter or Digg, you can promote your articles with those networks. Once your article has been posted and you have the URL, you can post a link to your article on your chosen social networks. These links will help build traffic to your articles, which can increase your commissions.

Build your own blog

If you like writing articles and earning commissions, you can drive even more traffic and commissions to your articles by building your own blog. Having your own website will allow you to take on other affiliate offers to earn even more commissions. While Personal Money Store does not accept articles that have been previously posted in other places, you can write as many of your own posts for your own blog as you wish. You can read more about the basics of starting your own website and getting started with affiliate marketing on the Adworkz blog.

Use our content exchange

The articles that you submit for the commission writer program are allowed to have two links to outside pages and/or one image banner. These additions to your commission writer articles can increase traffic to your own blog or your affiliate offers.

Putting links to outside articles in your Commission Writer articles is relatively easy. Around the text that you want to link, put this code in your article: <a href=”URL HERE” title=”TITLE HERE”>text</a> . Replace URL HERE with the target URL you want the text to link to. Replace TITLE HERE with the “anchor text” for your link – the text you would like to appear when visitors hover over your link. Finally, replace the text with the text you would like to link within the article. You are allowed two of these links for every Commission Writer article you submit.

Adding an image banner to your article is as simple as adding the HTML given to you by your affiliate partner in the plain text you submit with your article. We suggest square or horizontally aligned ads. You can get started by checking out the graphic ad offers available through the Adworkz affiliate network.

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