Dating on a Budget

Living within your means can be very romantic

Dating on a budget takes creativity, but it can be meaningful and fun. Just because you need a loan till payday or a little cash advance, doesn’t mean that your love life has to suffer. You can still enjoy romantic, unforgettable dates when you are tight on cash. The following are but a few examples of inexpensive, but memorable activities you and your beloved can share together.

Create a mutual bucket list

Find a relaxing environment, such as a picnic at the park or an evening in front of the fireplace and, with pen and paper in hand, create a bucket list together. A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before your time on earth is up or, to put it more simplistically, before you kick the bucket. While most people have individual ideas in mind, it can be fun for couples to create a list of things that they want to do together before they part. This can be anything from helping each other get out of debt to taking an exotic vacation together. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with it.

A well-planned list that is then lived out is likely to leave a legacy that other couples will want to emulate. At the very least, the list will allow you to create plans of how you can best enjoy your lives together. When creating your plan, remember to select a scenic locale that you will enjoy looking back on when you recall the place where your dreams were created.

Adopt a pet together

If you’re already married or planning to be together for the rest of your lives, why not celebrate your union by adopting an orphaned pet? This is a major decision and not one to be done on a whim, so make sure that you’re ready for the shared responsibility of a pet. Also, be sure that you are financially able to afford a pet’s basic care without going into debt. If you determine that you can do so, then pick a day to browse a few animal shelters in order to find one that both of you can love for a lifetime.

An afternoon of meeting animals that have been lost, abused, abandoned or neglected, doesn’t cost a thing beyond a little time and compassion, and actually makes dating on a budget meaningful. The specific pet adoption costs are far less than buying a pet from a store or a breeder and the memory that you will create in exploring this activity together will be one that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Make a list of mutual goals and hide it in a secret place

Do you have a clear set of goals for your relationship? These goals should be things that you each want to do to help your relationship thrive and to make it better. For some people, this can mean saving money to buy a house or even something as simple as promising to never go to bed angry with each other.

Whatever your goals may be, sit down and write them down together, make a copy for each of you and then select a place where you can safely bury or hide your original copy. When you’re done dating on a budget, each year on the same date that you created the list, take it out again and see how many things you’ve managed to accomplish. Doing so creates clear guidelines on how you hope to grow your relationship and helps you revisit, renew and add to those goals every year.

Make your own memories

When you’re short on cash and dating on a budget, expensive dinners and elaborate weekend activities are out of the question. However, with a little creativity and by focusing on what’s most important, you and your beloved can still enjoy quality dates without going into debt. Try these ideas and formulate a few of your own to learn how to create romantic fun that will also create meaningful memories.