5 Tips to Employ Strategic Planning Mock-ups

Stick to the Plans

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Look down the road to create a successful business strategy. Image from flickr

Most times, businesses find it just as difficult to secure short term loans as it is to get started the strategic planning models that they’ve set up for their business’ success. Writing a strategic planning model at first glance can seem difficult, but it is actually quite simple to do. It is very crucial to the success of your business to make sure that you are working in strict accordance with your strategic plans.

Step 1

An important place to start would be to draft up a mission statement, which is a general statement about the purpose or reason your company exists and what type of services you provide. For example, if you were going to create a mission statement for a financial adviser business, it might say “Finance World provides taxpayers with assistance in preparing their business finances, offering a painless process that results in a more successful fiscal year in revenue.”

Step 2

Sometimes, if we try to take care of too many things at once, we can get lost in the hustle and bustle of taking on so many activities. To make sure you keep yourself on track, you must break down your mission statement into smaller mission statements called goals.

Goals are basically meant to aid your company in succeeding in your general mission statement or to stay afloat as a company. Sit down and brainstorm about what purpose you want your business to hold. Maybe in your mission statement it says “Be profitable within three years.” To accomplish this you’d break down the major goal into many smaller goals to achieve the outcome that you want.

Step 3

Developing strategies will surely help you reach each of your goals. Just like when deciding to acquire short term loans for your strategic planning business, you must put in an adequate amount of time in doing so. After all, if you plan on starting a strategic planning business, you must be able to use your own business skills on your own establishment.

You could decide, for example, that your strategy for profitability within three years might be to “Extend finances to increase market penetration for the first year and then push a pretty profitable product on our wide customer base.”

Step 4

Next, it’s a good idea to develop action plans for each strategy that you come up with. To develop action plans for your strategies, you must write down all the precise steps necessary to attain each piece of the strategy. Think of each step as a finger on a hand, and when it’s balled into a fist it represents a strong strategy.

For example, having your graphics team design a fresh logo, your advertising team design ads with that logo, your marketing team suggest free premiums by way of those ads, and your database manager collect the names and e-mail addresses of individuals who uses those premiums, could be represented as, “increase market penetration.”

Step 5

Considering whether or not you utilized short term loans, the last step would seem to be the easiest, since most of the work is accomplished before this point. However, this step involves combining the above four steps to your daily business operations and being devoted to keeping up with the lists of goals, strategies, and action plans that you created.

Never let your documents collect dust and cobwebs. Check in on them occasionally to make sure that you are on the right track, following your goal plan to positive, successful and effective strategic planning.