3 ways to e-file your taxes for free

1. Turbo Tax Free Edition

Turbo tax free

E-file. All the cool kids are doing it.

You probably already know that if you make a lot of money or have complicated taxes you won’t be able to file your taxes for free. Usually, for people with high incomes or a lot of assets, it makes sense, and it’s worth it, to pay someone to do your taxes. But, if you’re like me, filing your taxes is just a matter of plugging the right numbers into the right places.

Turbo Tax Free Edition is a good option for people in this situation. You can download this program from www.turbotax.com. If you’re worried that you need extra help to avoid tax debt, there are several different programs that you can pay for to e-file your taxes through Turbo Tax. Also, H&R Block has a free online program at www.hrblock.com.

2. IRS Free File

This program is a partnership between the IRS and private tax-preparation companies. You may only file for free if you made less than $57,000 in 2009. This program is only for filing federal taxes, so if you live in a state that has income tax, you’ll need to file those separately. IRS Free File is at www.irs.gov/efile.

IRS Free File gives you the option of using tax software with step by step help. You can also choose to fill in the tax forms and file them online without tax software.

3. TaxAct Free Federal

This program is actually the one I used last year. There is an option at the TaxAct web site for filing your state taxes, too, so this is a good option for anyone who doesn’t have complicated taxes. TaxAct is very simple to use and quicker than any other method I’ve used.

The address for TaxAct is www.taxact.com, simply enough. One of the best things about e-filing taxes is that it generally makes your return come more quickly, if you’re owed one, because you can get it directly deposited into your bank account.