Use coupons to benefit your favorite charity

Store coupons

(Photo: MissMessie/Flickr/CC BY-SA)

Coupons are everywhere now. Almost all retail businesses use coupons to entice new customers. You can save a lot of money on almost anything and prevent the need for a payday loan just by using coupons. Even if you feel you don’t really need to save money, you can use coupons to start a fund for your favorite charity. Everything you save from coupons will be much appreciated by food banks, Toys for Tots foundations and many other organizations in need of donations.

Saving money with coupons

Coupons are easy to find. Type “coupons” into your web browser and click search. Your local newspaper’s website should have them, as well. There are multiple websites now that are offering thousands of coupons ready for you to take advantage of. They can be very substantial, too, such as the 50 percent off fabric store coupon at JoAnn Fabrics and free shipping coupons at Cabela’s. Many of them have Internet codes that let you get a discount right off your online order. Next time you go shopping, take a minute to look up coupons for the store you’re buying from or perhaps on a particular item you’re looking for. You never know what you might find.

Double your coupon value

The local papers also put out coupons for everyone. Sometimes, you can even find “double coupon” savings. This is when you really want to take advantage of those small coupons, as you could double your savings easily. There are folks who buy all their household items with coupons. A program once documented a woman buying $125 worth of groceries for only 25 cents! Who needs a payday loan or cash advance loan at this rate?  To think you could save yourself that much or benefit your favorite charity that easily.

Begin slowly by simply looking for coupons. Start collecting them and pay heed to discounts offered online. Then, when you do go shopping, you will already have your own collection to use.