Feeding America | Donations go a long way

Feeding America donations

(Photo: Uzvards/Flickr/CC BY-SA)

Imagine having to choose between feeding your children dinner and paying the utility bill to keep the lights turned on. If payday loans were out of the picture, would you go to the grocery store or use the little cash you do have left to see a doctor for an illness? Unfathomable? Well, not for 2 million households in our own Land of Plenty. What is worse is that there has been a 46 percent increase of need since 2006. This means that nearly 1 million more are being served per week. If you think this is shocking, learn more about how far a small donation can go, thanks to the Feeding America program, previously known as Second Harvest.

Hunger affects more than just the homeless

Not having enough funds to cover all of a family’s expenses isn’t just about working harder. An extensive study found that 36 percent of households served included at least one working adult, and only 26 percent of those employed adults have attended college or a technical school. They also found that hunger is not just a problem among the homeless anymore. Some people have turned to instant payday loans or cash advance loans to purchase food between pay periods.

Here, in the “Land of Plenty,” we have many hungry people. About 15.5 million of them are children and another 3.4 million are senior citizens. Those numbers are based on a study done in 2009.

The help of food banks

Small local food banks that network with Feeding America will benefit their patrons dramatically. Consider taking $2 to the grocery store to buy canned goods for a local food collection. Won’t buy you much, right? However, with Feeding America, that $2 can provide dinner for someone in need for two whole weeks!

A full 97 percent of all funds received go directly to support hunger relief. That means they only use 3 percent to cover executive expenses. Now that’s an efficient business operation. You can go onto the Feeding America website and donate $25, which will help feed a family of four for two weeks. Or, even better, you can encourage your local food banks to network with Feeding America to help in the global effort to provide hunger relief.