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Forever 21 Web site holding amazing sale

Japanese Woven Dress, $15.84

Japanese Blossom Woven Dress, $15.84

I just checked out the sale going on at the Forever 21 web site, and the prices are crazy! The first sale item is a really cute spaghetti strap tank top for $3.84! The other crazy part about it is that the original price for that item is $4.80.
I had no idea I could get clothing for less than $5 nowadays. I never go shopping and never buy new clothes, but now I wish I had known how inexpensive Forever 21 is. I would have definitely gotten some new items already. Now that I know about Forever 21’s prices and the awesome sale going on now, I might just have to do some online shopping on my lunch break.

Forever 21 fits everyone’s budget

I figured if I ever needed to buy new clothes I’d have to take out a payday cash loan, but if the $3 tank top wasn’t enough to convince you that you can afford Forever 21 clothes, check out these other deals:

  • Relaxed knit cami, $4.72
  • Vintage Hollywood tank, $10.24
  • Retro Malibu tee, $11.04
  • Color stripe halter top, $11.84
  • Satin trim knit top, $15.84
  • Japanese Blossom woven dress, $15.84
  • Distressed print dress, $18.24
  • Marsha mesh dot dress, $18.24
  • Tina denim shorts, $19.84

Forever 21 sales every day

I don’t wear dresses, except for special occasions, but if I did, I would definitely get them from forever 21. Great looking dresses for less than $20? I feel like I’ve found a time machine and gone back to when prices were reasonable.
Turns out, this sale is no special occasion. The Forever 21 web site offers 21 items for 20 percent off every day. The regular prices on Forever 21 stuff are already amazing – I didn’t see a single item for more than $25 – so with a sale going on every day, you can’t lose.

Online shopping saves time

Of course, some people have the money to go shopping, just not the time. The Forever 21 web site is a can’t-lose situation. Regardless of whether you’re looking for inexpensive or convenient, you will get both. Shipping prices are normal, but if you spend $75, shipping is free.
You can build a wish list at Forever 21, so if I were you I’d go check out the merchandise, save the stuff you like, and wait until your total reaches $75 so you can save the shipping money. Of course, summer is quickly coming to an end, so if you want to take advantage of the Forever 21 sale prices on cute shorts and summer dresses don’t wait. I’m sure this stuff is going to sell out.

More great shopping

The same company that owns Forever 21 also owns Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe, and all of these stores have great looking clothes at great prices, and you can shop online at all of them.

The prices at Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe are similar, though not as dirt cheap as Forever 21. Still, you can get jeans in the $20 range from Wet Seal and dresses in the $30 range from Charlotte Russe. Crazy.

Links to Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe: