What to do with erroneous charges on your bill

A man dealing with bill charge errors over the phone.

Stay calm. You'll fix the problem more easily that way. (Thinkstock)

Have you ever tried to call a credit card company or cell phone company about fast cash charges on your bill that are unreasonable or simply not accurate? Perhaps it has left you in need of personal loans or installment loans to cover the costs. Sometimes, it is beyond frustrating to logically work with the customer service reps on the phone. Companies like that make a lot of money by making it almost impossible to correct an error on your bill. However, don’t give up and agree to be taken advantage of.

Fix the error, get your money back!

Want to know how to get your money back easier, at least 99 percent of the time? First, stay calm and be nice. Even though you’re upset that you have to take the time to get your own money back, you won’t get results by being nasty to the representative you’re speaking to. Remember, it is not the rep who is responsible; he or she just happens to work there. So, going at it from the angle of assuming it was an error and staying on that path makes them want to hear what you have to say.

Remain calm and nice and call back if need be

On the first call, if you get someone who won’t work with you, even though you are being nice, just thank the rep for the help and hang up. Call back and start over with another rep. Eventually, you’ll get someone who sees the value of keeping you as a customer and will help you to resolve the error.

You can ask for the supervisor or manager

If you aren’t getting any help from the reps, then nicely ask for a manager or supervisor. If they tell you the supervisor will only tell you the same thing they are telling you, stay calm and continue to request to speak to one. Being nice and polite will help you get the problem resolved.

More companies today are truly realizing the value of keeping their customers over the long haul, rather than thinking there are plenty more out there. If you stay calm, nice and patient, you won’t have to feel taken advantage of.